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Arr Thit Man Co.,LTD.

Arr Thit Man Group of Companies was founded in 2015, headquartered in Mandalay, Upper  Myanmar and Branch Office is located in Yangon, Lower Myanmar. ATM Group of Companies is  a conglomerate engaged in importing, marketing and distributing strategically positioned home  improvement and construction materials across Myanmar Nationwide.

There are not only world-famous brands such as JOMOO, Lamett, Lesso and AUX but also local products such as 99.99 Brick and Double Rhinos Cement and readymade Concrete. Double Rhinos Cement factory is producing 10,000 tons per day as the first biggest cement factory in Myanmar.


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Arr Thit Man Co.,LTD.

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Route to market delivers to over 300 cities for retail and wholesale brands across Upper and Lower Myanmar. In addition to the above, and to the further develop our marketing and distribution capability, we strategically linked with distributors to all niches of the construction market. Our company has separate staff and employees, including traveling people, marketers, drivers, warehouse personnel, accounting, data statistics and general management.
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Arr Thit Man Co.,LTD.

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